Paros is world-famous for its beautiful beaches, its idyllic spots and its nightlife. But it is also famous for the production of its superb wine. Wine tasting in Paros is truly an experience that you don’t want to miss.

Paros is the second wine-producing island of the Cyclades, after Santorini and is famous for the fine varieties “Mandilaria” (red) and “Monemvasia” (white), as well as for other wines produced by the vineyard of Paros, including sweet white wines included, like the previous ones, in the Designation of Origin Paros, (PDO) as Malvasia Paros wines. The name Malvasia is geographical and indicates the Byzantine city of Monemvasia during the Franks. Malvasia began to be produced before the 13th century in Byzantine Monemvasia, gaining a wide reputation. No other wine gained so much fame during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, and no other wine name from then until today has such a fascinating history.

Learn about the winery’s local traditions as you try some of the most delicious varieties of Paros. Indulge in a journey of history and flavours by booking your stay at a luxury Villa in Paros.

Combine the earthly paradise offered by the island of Paros with a unique holiday experience beyond imagination in a Villa with a pool and exceptional amenities just 10 minutes from Parikia. Indulge in absolute peace and island hospitality, enjoying services tailored exclusively to your needs.

Built on the beautiful hill of Agioi Anargyroi, in the picturesque Parikia, Villa Polos is the ideal place to relax and enjoy the atmosphere of Paros in an authentic, Cycladic accommodation experience. Villa Polos in Paros offers an amphitheatre view of the whole of Parikia; as unobstructed from its pool, you can see even the neighbouring islands of the Cyclades. This view, especially the sunset, imposes one of the beautiful wines of Paros for the company. A stone’s throw from the lively Parikia, Villa Polos, is close to many essential island landmarks and the port and the airport in a prime location.

Yield to in the magic of summer in Paros in a luxurious Villa with Cycladic finesse and luxuriate in a journey of flavours that will not leave anyone unmoved.



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